Wedoo is a proof-of-concept project created during Seattle AI Hackathon 2024 at SURF Incubator. Using AI, Wedoo aims to solve the question that gets asked most often within friend groups: "what are we going to do today?"


Product design, UI/UX engineer


8 hours

Team size

6 people

Basic Functionalities

Members of a certain friend group will input their top five interests/hobbies, their budget scale, and their location preferences. With the integration of Bing AI, Wedoo will generate recommendations of activities based on each group member's preferences. Recommendations are also made by considering user reviews on the internet. Users can simply swipe through choices of suggested activities until they reach the desired activity.

The in-app experience introduces a minimalistic user interface which removes the overwhelming nature of current social media platforms which seem to have endless variety of options and menus. This is done through:

  • Older adult conscious design
  • Simplistic UI style
  • Solid icon’s instead of outlined ones – for better visibility

Monetazion Strategy

Like many other SaaS companies, we will implement the freemium revenue model. The premium feature allows users to have more than one friend group and unlimited AI generations where groups can generate as many activity recommendations as they want.

We also proposed to gain revenue from businesses. Businesses such as tourist attractions, restaurants, and bars can have their venues promoted on our platform and gain analytics from users.

  • Featured Listings and Promotions
  • Businesses pay to have their events or locations featured more prominently within the app.

  • Commission on Bookings
  • Charge a commission fee for each booking made through the app. This could be especially lucrative for exclusive or high-demand events.

  • Premium Business Profiles
  • Allow businesses to create enhanced profiles with more information, photos, and direct links to their booking systems for a fee.

The Team

Me, Reuben Santoso, Carolyn Christopher, Shannon Aurelia, Jessica Chendra, Jonathan Herdianshah


The project garnered a lot of interest from judges and mentors.