Cronicle is a gamified productivity platform aiming to provide study spaces for anyone, anywhere.


Product design, Full-Stack developer


> 2 years

Team size

5 people

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a seamless productivity app that allows high school students to study with ease and comfort without having to make too many external choices outside of their specified tasks. Our app aims to help students take control of their study habits while also integrating self-growth options.

Pain Point

Inaccessible productivity systems create significant barriers for students, hindering their ability to efficiently manage time and assignments.

  • Notion is designed for professionals and small teams
  • Google calendar is used to schedule meetings
  • Forest does not integrate any productivity features

The Solution

Cronicle is an all-in-one platform that does not offer too much freedom but rather guides students along the way by integrating multiple features like a to do list.

  • Appealing UI that is to the point, but still gives a diverse array of choices to the extent that the audience feels they can make unique choices
  • Decreased options while still giving a diverse array of features (articles, other resources, and dashboard) - but not too much
  • What problem are we trying to solve
  • Giving users of Cronicle the opportunity to make a switch to a centralized productivity platform that is designed for both desktop and mobile interaction. We can provide features such as notifications, widgets, etc which will push us ahead of other applications.

  • What makes our app different from others
  • Integration of Cronicle Articles - make articles more interactive - include directives or direct users to another feature of the app.

  • What would make people want to make the switch
  • Honestly, I have it hard seeing people make a switch from one app to another, unless we develop strong advertising (hard to do when you have limited budget, as the best possible way to do this in my mind is running ads on other apps)

  • What market advantage do we have
  • Lots of apps are now developing “buy-only features” (ex. MyStudyLife, Offering these features for free will push us ahead with strong advertising.

  • What values are we adding
  • A great user experience, with minimal ads and making sure they are non-obtrustive. Promoting and giving user features in which other applications are selling as purchases or premium products, while not comprising the basics.

The Team

Me, Jasmine Wu, Nicholas Nathan, Shruti Satheesh, Elif Oktay